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UK Haptics provides a support service offering advice and information for the time period specified in our contract with your training establishment.

We can also provide an additional support service, subject to additional charges at UK Haptics' prevailing rates, to:

  • Supply support, maintenance and other support services which are outside the scope of the original support service agreement.
  • Investigate and correct faults in the system resulting from operator error, misuse, accidents, servicing, modifications or attachment of devices performed by the customer or a third party, use of incorrect consumables, failure to maintain a proper operating environment, restoring data or software, damage caused by the transportation or movement of the system by the customer or a third party or any other cause.
  • Provide consultancy for site preparation, audits, integration, network design, cabling, removals, system relocation, installation and other similar services requested by your training establishment.
  • Provide support service for other release versions earlier than the release currently available and supported.

Moving or Relocating UK Haptics Training Simulators

If you need to relocate the UK Haptics training simulator for any reason, contact UK Haptics for consent and guidance. Among other things, reflections from strip lighting and windows can affect the quality of the 3D graphics displayed so it would be best to consult UK Haptics and use their system relocation service, available at the prevailing rate, to relocate UK Haptics' training simulators.

Recording an Issue with UK Haptics

UK Haptics provide the support service to the UK Haptics system administrator at your training establishment. Please supply any details about issues directly to them and they will contact UK Haptics.

Before contacting UK Haptics, please collect any information and details that we will need to help us resolve your issue. You will need to provide a clear description of the issue and sufficient instructions and data to enable UK Haptics to understand and if necessary reproduce the issue.

Contacting UK Haptics

If you have issues using the software, UK Haptics provide telephone and email support available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, except UK public holidays.

Telephone: +44 (0)1665 511 913

Hardware Issues

If you have hardware issues you can talk to the experienced personnel at UK Haptics but any repairs or issues will need to be resolved via your warranties with the companies supplying your hardware.


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