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Services - How can UK Haptics help your organisation?

The team at UK Haptics have a unique combination of skills and can help or provide advice about a range of different technologies and techniques that can contribute to the success of your project, whatever that might be.

Would your products benefit from haptics?

UK Haptics specialist knowledge and experience can help your organisation to add haptics (the sense of touch) to an existing product base or a new product. If you currently need a training solution for which there is nothing in the market place, then call us, we may be able to help. With tremendous background knowledge in interaction via haptics and virtual reality built up from creating our own product base, UK Haptics can deliver exceptional solutions.

We are already working in conjunction with others to develop specialised software that will enable training for unique instances. So if you are wanting to enhance your work, stand out from your competitors, feel interactions within a virtual environment, provide better feedback on performance or cut overall costs, come and talk to us.

Want to take an idea through Proof of Concept?

Got a great idea, not sure how to prove it and bring your new product to the market? UK Haptics has been through the process several times now, from start to finish, so we are well placed to assist you.

Would photo realistic 3D graphics help to sell your products?

If you've seen any of our work then you'll know that photo realistic 3D is something we do particularly well. 3D photorealistic models can add realism and depth to training materials, presentations and other materials.

Do you need a virtual reality application?

Could a touch sensitive virtual reality training solution be the answer to your needs?

If you are looking to create virtual reality simulations, extend virtual reality simulations, add haptics to new or existing solutions within a full virtual 3D environment, then UK Haptics is the partner who can help.

With experience of taking new disruptive technology to market UK Haptics can advise and help with creating the right user interface and testing the solution before market release and if your organisation is looking for a partner to commercialise your invention/product offering then please call us now.

Could your business benefit from 3D graphics, animations or modeling?

UK Haptics has experience in creating photo-realistic, computer generated 3D graphics and models for their own virtual reality training solution, Virtual Veins. So we can help you to create the high quality 3D graphics, animations, models or complete virtual environments you need for your project.

Contact UK Haptics today on 01665 511 913 or email and arrange to discuss your requirements. We look forward to your call.


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