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UK Haptics – A great idea

Gary and Sue Todd created UK Haptics in 2004 with the commencement of a proof of concept project to develop a prototype virtual reality training simulator for clinical practitioners to practise venepuncture and IV procedures. They wanted to explore how new emerging technologies could provide a better more realistic learning experience within medical and clinical training for the NHS and beyond while reducing costs, improving training and patient outcomes. So no tall order there!

The proof of concept project was a tremendous success and feedback from user trials with the University of Durham and Kings College, London, provided valuable confirmation that the software would provide the envisaged safe environment to practise venepuncture techniques and establish clinical metrics.

That prototype training simulator evolved into Virtual Veins. It enables nurses to train in venepuncture in a 3D virtual environment receiving real-time feedback on performance. Students and nurses can train in a risk free, virtual environment at the desktop using UK Haptics products which are designed to improve and enhance skills while providing the opportunity to practise until confident and competant.

UK Haptics completed a first round of investment in 2006 and is now going into final production stages, with more exciting products and partnerships on the horizon.

Four years on from 2004 with a lot of investment, long hours and input from medical personnel, we've got a "fantastic" product - according to the 100s of medical practitioners from all over the UK and beyond who've attended demos.

Don't just take their word for it, Contact UK Haptics today to organise a demo for your team.

Virtual Veins is one of a handful of products that the NHS Technology Adoption Centre has chosen to implement and trial within the NHS.

UK Haptics continue to develop other virtual reality medical simulators that add a new dimension to traditional training methods and in some cases is looking at the provision of training for areas where currently the only training is on real patients. So the future is bright and with some exciting new products in the making, keep watching!


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